After Hours Crew. Service to your schedule!

Our focus

Work with passion. Simple!
After Hour Service

We specialises in meeting and working outside ‘normal-business-hours’. We know its hard to get time off! After 6pm or weekends? No problem!

Property Maintenance

Got weeds to get rid off? Or something that needs to be teared down? Or maybe an investment looking a bit run down. We cut, tear and renovate a bit. Of course, we do it as if its for our own. Lets talk!

Computer Maintenance

Need a basic website that can be tailored to your business? Need some basic website maintenance or IT maintenance? Contact us, we have experts in the field!


We live in the 21st century, and we understand that not every one prefers calling. We can txt, we can email, and we can skype too. Simply, dont let a call be a barrier, email us!

About Us

Smile because we are listening
In order to change the world, you need to change yourself first.

Ever wondered why so many essential services in life only ever operates between 9-5pm? So did we, but we don’t believe this should be the case.

At BETABOX, our vision is to provide essential services that are outside the usual 9-5pm business hours, services that will work around your schedule and your commitments!

The BETABOX crew are made up of people just like you, who has a day job, family to look after and commitments to keep. And unlike your usual tradies, companies, council staff or the post office crews, is that our crew members are work-driven, quality focused and takes pride in everything they do! And best of all, they are open thinkers, open minded and of course multi-talented individuals!

At BETABOX, we are all customers just like you, it takes one to know one, so smile, we’re listening!


  • Luck
  • Skill
  • Will Power
  • Dedication

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